Green Mountain Falls: Waterfalls in a Magnificent Rush!

Every summer, we journey to the Green Mountain Falls. But not because we are in search of a little peace and quiet! The addicting rush of the turbulent North Fork of the Encampment River lures you onward into the Huston Park Wilderness. Ultimately, mountain streams pour into the river and plunge over weathered boulders to create these magnificent falls. At the peak of spring runoff, the thunderous rush of water pounds so hard against the rocks that it seems to go right...

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Indian Bathtubs: A Short Hike to Great Scenery

If you’re in the Encampment/Riverside area and have time for a short scenic hike, I highly recommend the Indian Bathtubs. The trailhead to this natural attraction is located just south of Riverside, Wyoming. A short 3/4-mile hike along a trail lined with sagebrush and wildflowers leads to a large granite outcrop. The surface of this rock formation harbors naturally formed depressions (which are usually full of water in early summer). Legend has it that the Native American tribes who...

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4 Museums You Shouldn’t Miss In Southern Wyoming

In a place like southern Wyoming, where western history is as rich as it is diverse, touring the museums and historic sites is a great way to broaden your view of the world. Whether you’re a museum junkie with an appetite for history or simply curious about the old West, be sure to include these four museums in your visit to southern Wyoming.

Grand Encampment Museum

No wonder it's called the “GEM” of Southern Wyoming. It is clearly one of...

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