Travel with Cindy

Cindy Loose, publisher of VIPs Guide to Southern Wyoming

Welcome to my Wyoming adventure travel blog! I’m Cindy Loose, an entrepreneur and Wyoming native who’s been exploring Southern Wyoming since 1996. I love it here with so many opportunities to reconnect with nature, indulge in the local lifestyle and get away from the crowds. Follow me for trip ideas and valuable travel tips to experience the best of Southern Wyoming.

My Story

My husband’s career moved us (and my business, Visions In Progress (V. I. P.) Marketing, LLC) to Saratoga, Wyoming 22 years ago. We love it here and spend our free time hiking, fishing, camping, hunting and enjoying the area. But in the beginning, it wasn’t easy to find our way around. Seems like locals always know the best places to fish and explore. And when asked for directions, they tend use landmarks familiar to other locals–like a home where someone I have never met used to live. And distance is described as “a ways”. “Take the dirt road that goes by Tom’s old place and follow it a ways”. Needless to say, I often got lost. But these experiences made me realize that I (and other newcomers and visitors) could use a roadmap to the area.

We Are Here

The idea of a go-to guide–that featured everything you need to know to explore the area with confidence–became my obsession. Then one evening as I was reading Horton Hears a Who by Dr. Seuss to my 2-year-old daughter, I had an epiphany. As the story goes, Horton the elephant learns of a community living on a dust speck, on top of a clover. Horton successfully convinces the people of that community to yell loudly so their combined voices will be heard, “We Are Here! We Are Here! We Are Here!” And I thought, Yes! If I can persuade local businesses to partner with me, together we can connect to and inspire others to experience Southern Wyoming.

VIPs Guide to Southern WyomingWith the support of many local businesses, the first issue of VIP’s Guide to Southern Wyoming was published in 2000. 19 years later, it is still the most sought-after publication in the area. It’s detailed recreation roadmap (that highlights hiking trails, campgrounds, picnic areas, where to fish and the road network) is it’s best feature. People seem to like having a high resolution, hard-copy map to follow–especially here where wifi varies from unreliable to non-existent.

Take Me With You

Inspired by independent travelers reaching out to me for more specific information about historic and natural attractions, local events, tasty dining options and outdoor experiences, I decided to launch this blog in May 2019. Please follow me for trip ideas and to learn valuable travel tips. Hopefully, you will become as passionate as I am about Southern Wyoming.

Also, if you haven’t ordered your copy of VIPs Guide to Southern Wyoming, click here to start planning your adventures!